The Process

Step 1. Accessibility Assessment

Option 1 - Accessibility Assessment - No Site Visit

Response Time : 1-2 Days

If the client is confident that their property will not have any issues with respect to site accessibility by both truck and crane then the client can schedule a consultation with a member of our team for a nominal fee. This consultation will allow us to see the proposed location which will help us with our truck and crane logistics. It will also allow our team member the opportunity to engage the client about the structure of our company and they can begin structuring a budget for the project.

If we feel that a truck and crane will have issues accessing the site we will recommend a site visit to measure the access and to develop a truck staging and crane lift plan. This can be arranged at a nominal fee.

Option 2 - Accessibility Assessment - Site Visit

Response Time : 1-2 Weeks

If the client is uncertain with site accessibility with respect to the truck and crane accessing the desired building location, as well as having suitable power and water sources for the structure, we can conduct an accessibility assessment. This would most likely exclude employing the services of a land surveyor. From this assessment we can draw up a special installation plan or discuss other options with the client.

Step 2. Schematic Design 3D Renders

Schematic Design

Estimated Response time : 1 week

Once we have completed the Accessibility Assessment and the client has committed to the Schematic Design, we will provide them with a 3D render package showing their Modular Structure.

Below is a list of what is included:

- Review placement, orientation, foundation type (check engineers notes) styling, budget, project goals

- 3D Render Package

Step 3. Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering

Estimated Response time 2-4 weeks

Once the architect and client have finalised a design the engineer will go through them in order to verify the structural integrity of the design. The engineer and architect can now begin submitting the designs to local authorities

What we need:

1. Site plan

2. Floor plans

3. Foundation Design

4. Engineer and architect credentials

Once this completed we can give the client estimate for our approved Modular Structure less the cost of environmental impact assessment.

Step 4. Environmental Impact Study

Environmental Impact Study

Estimated Time : 2 weeks

Estimated Costs : $3,500 + 1.5% total cost

For an EIA to be carried out a EMMA approved assessment must be take place at the proposed location. In order to complete this process we will need

From Client:

1. Title Deeds of proposed site

2. I.D of property owner

3. Designs of proposed structure

From us:

1. Certificate of incorporation

2. Tax clearance

Step 5. Deposit

The deposit should cover costs associated administration for the project so far i.e the cost of processing then paperwork for the structure with city council, fuel and etc. As well as cover any rental costs. It should stand at 10% of the estimated Modular Structure price.

Step 6. Permit Submission

Once all architectural, engineering and certification documentation is complete, all drawings and accompanying documentation are compiled and can be submitted to local authorities for review and approval.

Step 7. Manufacturing and Site Work

Manufacturing and Site Work

Estimated Time : 2 - 3weeks

Estimated costs : container/materials/labour (30%) + transport

The 100% Manufacturing Down Payment is due 10 days prior to the manufacturing start date. This will give us time to hire our labour and purchase a container and source all relevant materials as well as organise transport for the container. As well as lease tools if necessary.

While the container is being worked on the engineer will supervise the site preparation. This includes setting up the foundation and the digging up of water pipes and power lines if necessary.

Step 8. Delivery and Onsite Installation


Estimated Time : 1-2 days

A mandatory site visit by our project engineer to review the foundation the structure will be place on will be done before delivery of Modular Structure

Once we confirm that the site is ready for the Modular Structure, we then book the crane, trucks and send the installation team to the site.

Once on site, the team coordinates with the Crane Operator to land the individual modules onto the foundation and complete the Modular Structure installation. Including connecting power and water sources.

A final walkthrough is done by a member of our sales team to ensure that everything in connected properly and that it is present to the client