About us

JAMII (noun): community, society; all (of something), totality, sum, a category

JAMII Projects Tinashe Tangwanda Shipping containers in Zimbabwe

Tinashe Tangwanda

Chief Executive Officer
Vuyi Tangwanda JAMII Projects Shipping Containers In Zimbabwe

Vuyi Tangwanda

Chief Operating Officer

We’re a small team that packs a punch. We have a dedicated group of people who make up our workforce in the way of project managers, foremen, contractors, electricians, and carpenters!

With us at the helm, you can rest assured that you will have the best service!

Why Us?

Flexible Design

We can use corrugated panels, wood or stucco for your exterior; roofs can be flat, pent, or double-pitched – the combinations really are endless! Our expert in-house design team is happy to help you navigate all the options.

Future Mobility

Our homes are built to be mobile at any point in their life, not just to get from our factory to your property.

Speed to the Market

Our build time-frames allow for construction to be completed 30%-50% faster when compared to traditional ‘bricks and sticks’ construction. These projects are built to necessary building codes at the same (if not better) quality without sacrificing build time. The modular process allows for floors, walls, ceilings, electrical, and plumbing to be installed simultaneously.

Avoid A Construction Site

Going modular reduces construction activity by approximately 80%. This means less disruption, less traffic and higher levels of security. With modular containers, businesses can be opened in a shorter time span, because our turnkey structures arrive complete. All you need to do is plug in your appliances.