Flamingo Cafe

Most food and beverage franchises are looking to create uniformity for their brand across proprietors, and the building is no exception

Student Digs

Student accommodation is meant to be practical but also a place that they will enjoy living in. This render is of a 40ft container with clever storage options. This can also be a single 20 ft. container or alternatively a bunk bed with a 40 ft. high cube shipping container.

ZiFM Presenter's Lounge

Commercial developers and asset management companies build mixed-use and retail properties to attract people and thus attract their customer/tenants using converted shipping containers. This is a render for ZiFM. The brief is that they would like us to build a space where presenters and guests can hangout in between being on air. This is two 40-ft containers in an L-shape with a top deck. Project Year: 2019 Project Cost: $10,001 - $25,000

Private Residence in Borrowdale

JAMII homes can be put practically anywhere and are easily moved to new locations. Our units are classy yet edgy, sophisticated yet practical, and leave minimal impact on the environment.

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