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Modular homes are often faster to build than traditional stick-built houses, with the simplest and smallest modular structures being built within a few days or weeks, depending on how much finishing work your design requires. More complex homes will usually take at a bit longer, and note that modular homes are still subject to normal city council building codes.

Our modular units usually come in two sizes, either 6m x 2.5m or 12m x 2.5m. The smaller of the two equals about 15 square meters of living space, while the larger container gets you 30 square meters. Some homes stop here, using these compact spaces as standalone tiny homes or offices, but many owners combine the modular units to create larger homes. In homes with multiple units, walls are often removed to create more spacious interiors, and traditional construction methods add exterior materials and additional rooms.

Modular units can be built using various methods; for example, up-cycling a shipping container. Shipping container homes can also encourage a smaller footprint and less usage of other building materials like wood and masonry. Owners often incorporate other eco-friendly elements, such as solar panels, solar water heaters, water recycling systems, and rainwater harvesting systems.

A roof can also provide aesthetic and architectural flair that is common amongst homes in Zimbabwe. While there are multiple styles of roofs that can be used for a modular home, flat roofs, roof terraces, and living roofs are the most common.

Flat roofs are the simplest, fastest, and least expensive to construct but can be more costly to maintain. It’s essential to create a slight pitch for the drainage of rainfall.
Living roof, also known as a green roof, is a roof with introduced plants and greenery. These roof types are both aesthetically and naturally pleasing and provide natural insulation and cooling.
Roof terraces are creative flat spaces built on top of the roof to expand occupiable or usable space. Many roof terraces are used for small outdoor gardens, eating or lounging areas.

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